terça-feira, 24 de junho de 2014

PHANTOOOONS..TONS...TONS.... COMEDY MUSIC ___LINK___ROMANCE DE UMA CAVEIRA - Alvarenga e Ranchinho | Letras.mus.br

OTHER LANDS : This is a comedy song...It is about a female-skeleton in a cemitery, her love case, when she changes her husband for another man...also a skeleton... It's comic... Maybe an echoe of the ultraromantism with their macabres and frighteeneed themes... As the bridness in the sepulcre of the portuguese literature... Te performers are ALVARENGA e RANCHINHO, two experts in give forms to the life of the hillbiliies of our land... But they are trully artistas, and they can give songs in other styles ( surrealistic pieces also )... see the phantom sounds Ranchinho does... Frightening Alvarenga...That's hilarious... LOVE YOU GOOD SMILES JLs.

ROMANCE DE UMA CAVEIRA - Alvarenga e Ranchinho | Letras.mus.br

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